About The Basket

Hey my bunnies…
First and foremost, I want to thank y’all for joining me on this journey of opening my very first online store & thank you for letting me be ME so I can help y’all, be..well...y’all lol. 
Some of y’all may not be familiar with who I am (you will be in a second) but i'm Brittni. Everyone calls me Bunny… 
As time progresses, you all will get to know who I am more & more but I’ll give y’all a glimpse right now...This might be a little long but I wanted ya’ll to get the FULL scope as to why yall are here on this site & why it’s important for this store to see the light of day...
For those of you who aren’t familiar with astrology, we are currently living in the day & age of Aquarius. During this time, the conscious collective are no longer focusing on identity and existence, but are accepting themselves as a whole person, no longer looking OUTSIDE of themselves for acceptance or guidance. This is a time where self awareness and personal transformation is at the forefront more than ever. 
As for me, after years of self esteem issues, low morality & a lack of self love practices, I have finally stepped into the power of BEING myself; I am in the process of accepting me as a whole person, a spiritual being living in a human existence. Most importantly, I'm learning to  LOVE MYSELF no matter who or what I am.  
During this time of practicing self love, I’ve discovered some  things about BUNNY that I absolutely love...and I've uncovered some things that I absolutely despise. However, I've grown wise in this journey. So wise, I've cultivated countless mantras, routines & self taught practices that have helped me continue loving myself while unpacking some very hard truths. 
Whilst all of this inner work,  I’ve adopted some hobbies that I really enjoy doing: giving advice to anyone who needed it (whether they wanted it or not haha), and online shopping (funny huh?).
 Ironically, one of my personal mantras is “utilizing what you enjoy and making it work for you”...So I meshed my two fav pastimes together and spirit gave me the vision of  Bunny’s Basket. 
Not only have I continuously made conscious efforts to transform and discover my true purpose,  I’ve noticed that many other women across the globe who are just like me are doing the exact same thing; just young, hustlin’, transforming, trying to fulfill their hearts desires while living in a world that a lot of times seems so surreal. Women need that extra push, advice & daily motivation. I know I do, which is why I created the Basket; To give women those words of wisdom I wish I heard as a little girl growing into a woman. 
Bunny’s Basket is about makin’ women feel good on the outside with some bomb a$$ clothes, while at the same time providing them with small tools, affirmations and even confirmations that’ll encourage feeling good on the inside as well. Every time a young woman opens an egg out her box & throws on her new outfit, I want her to feel that POWER she possesses; with not only her outer beauty but most importantly her INNER beauty. Bunny’s Basket is about LEARNING & LOVING yourself & lookin’ fine as hell while doing it. 
I hope ya’ll love this store just as much as I do. Please enjoy it. Especially since it was created for YOU. 
“You are not perfect, you are progress”....
Namaste my beauties! 
-Love, Bunny <3